Williams Auctioneering was founded in 1947 by Col. Gene Williams. Son, Billy Gene who grew up in the business first holding up items in the auction ring, officially joined his father in May 1961 one month before his 15th birthday. Gene stepped back out of the auction ring and said “sell Bill” and that began a lifelong career. Father and son continued to work together until Gene’s death in 1979. Bill continued with the business and is starting his 56th year selling as an auctioneer. Having worked auctions in Indiana, Illinois and New York he is also a certified appraiser.

56 years ago (May 23rd) Bill was one month from his 15th birthday and working  the auction ring with his dad, Col. Gene Williams.  Bill had grown up in the auction ring, first holding things up when he was just big enough to get on a wagon and do so.  Gene and his helper, Raymond Harper, having planned ahead, stepped back and said “Sell Bill”.  So started a 56 year career as an auctioneer for Bill.

CONGRATULATIONS BILL!  Your dad would be proud to know that you continue to carry on the business which he started over 70 years ago.

Update: In 2017, Billy Jr. renewed his auctioneer’s license. He was originally licensed after graduation from high school. Some years later after becoming a National Catastrophe Ins. Adjuster and having to be gone for extended periods with his job, he no longer renewed the license. Now he and Bill are able to work together once again and carry on with Williams Auctioneering. Gene would be proud to know his son and now his grandson, are keeping the business going.